Condemned To you: An effective Korean Crisis enthusiasts away from Ro Woon

Condemned To you: An effective Korean Crisis enthusiasts away from Ro Woon

Inside the Doomed To you, part of the male reputation try Jang Shin Yu; a successful attorneys at an effective esteemed law practice who is employed to the office into area Gran. It’s a particular decrease in shell out, however your efforts are not at all times in regards to the money you create. On the exterior, he ends up the guy that has it all. Visual appearance, a profitable profession, comes from good relatives, a very good closest friend. Will there be anything incorrect which have your? Eh! You can find things, such as:

  1. A good girlfriend, created by the their mothers just who the guy will not love; she has actually insisting toward marriage.
  2. An illness that’s reduced eliminating your. The illness is largely a hundreds of years-old curse. Which means you need to inquire, normally brand new curse be elevated?
  3. Concurrently, he is tormented. As he tries to sleep a soft hand touches their cheek and you will lightly caresses his face. But who’s the master of new soft hands?

¦ Who owns the package

Part of the women character are Lee Hong Jo, an excellent lowly municipal servant. She’s a scrupulous and dedicated worker. But she’s several issues.

  1. To begin with, their own co-pros don’t like their particular.
  2. For the next topic, she enjoys one at the job, but the guy will not particularly their. Or in other words, according to him the guy likes their particular, however, simply since the one.
  3. On top of that, she’s got come allotted to the task of getting a creating dissolved. People died inside the any sort of accident during the fresh premises since strengthening was not structurally sound. The issue is the structure is found on private assets. New home are owned by ily and he does not want to tear they off!

Jang Shin Yu and you may Lee Hong Jo satisfy one another as off their own works. The guy will not need to make their work effortless. The guy tells their own there can be a lady she must correspond with just in case she becomes their permission to help you obliterate the building, he would not stand in her means. The structure is a good shaman shrine which was thereon land as the Joseon Day and age. Jang Shin Yu is definite the brand new lady wouldn’t accept.

When the lady suits Lee Hong Jo she agrees so that the structure to be missing. There is zero dispute or assertion. Jang Shin Yu is totally shocked by this and you can visits this new lady directly to inquire of their own As to the reasons. The fresh female’s impulse are: “Who owns the container is here”. Package. Just what Box??

¦ A last Lives Union

As it happens there is a package that has been tucked close the newest shaman’s shrine. They belonged in order to a lady who was simply an excellent shaman, together with package contained a text away from spells. The brand new shaman try a real person entitled Aeng Cho, and you may she published the book.

In his early in the day lifestyle, Jang Shin Yu try Jang Mu Jin , a wealthy young nobleman exactly who fell in love with an excellent shaman. In her own earlier lifetime, Lee Hong Jo are Aeng Cho , the latest shaman. It had been a taboo union that ended tragically.

However these try the past few years and you will during this time can be Jang Shin Yu and you can Lee Hong Jo have a love you to endures? The fresh new lady who provided their approval so you can demolish the fresh new shaman shrine told Jang Shin Yu that there is actually a link between him and you can Lee Hong Jo. She mentioned that their destinies could not be cut . Whether problem otherwise glee, he had been bound to become together with her.

  • Jang Shin Yu | Jang Mu Jin (starred from the Ro Woon, “The brand new Kings‘ Love”; “Tomorrow”)
  • Lee Hong Jo | Aeng Cho (played by Jo Bo Ah)

Viewership and Score:

  • IMDb Score: 8.0 out-of ten a-listers

My personal rating is a bit section highest. Doomed To you deserves 9 off 10 a-listers. The main characters plus the assistance cast all of the work well to each other to really make the land interesting. As well as, I favor a series in which most of the occurrence ends having a “hook” so you have to understand what comes second. Condemned With you mastered this storytelling approach.